A/Synchronous Interdependencies

  • If/Then A-Syncronous Lecture for Falmouth School of Art
  • (2020)

A/Synchronous Interdependencies

This is an if/then A/Synchronous Lecture developed for Falmouth School of Art, UK and accessible at this page. Many thanks to Gillian Wylde for this invitation to share my work!

Materials needed before beginning navigating through the lecture:
glass of something to drink
something that smells good to you
cell phone
a nearby book
headphones for listening
a desktop or laptop computer, this lecture is not best engaged on a mobile device

The online gathering to navigate together with Q+A after is Tuesday, October 13th 2020 at 11:30–12:30EST, 16:30 –17:30UK, 17:30–18:30CET, 21:00–22:00IST online here. Please anticipate between 20-40 minutes to engage with this if/then A/Synchronous lecture path. This ‘lecture’ is an invitation to engage with situations in your distributed experiences that have impacts on what then becomes accessible here, that is — if you follow the instructions!

.1. If you have been read to recently, please skip to #2. If not, please click, Reading My Bookmarks and listen to the track. When done, please navigate back to this page and carry onto the next step.

.2. Smell whatever you brought with you that smells good to you. Take a few moments and enjoy the smell. If the residue of the smell sits in your upper body please watch the short trailer from my collaboration, MELT, called Heating Matters/Change Flux, here. If the residue of the smell sits somewhere outside of your upper body, please continue to #3. When done, please navigate back to this page and carry onto the next step.

.3. Take the book you brought with you. Stand the book upright on its spine, touch the spine, and place your finger on the pages of the book, gently rub your fingers on top of the pages, and open the book to where you’ve placed your finger. If over 157 carry onto #4, if 156 or less, watch the video of oracle(s) — becoming undone together below. When done please and carry onto the next step.

.4. Follow a prompt from the collaborative work of, Maintaining CS — This is a prompt from the linked at the end: CS Field Manual, For purposes of ASyncronous Interdependencies, please engage with the CS practice of

(cohabitation and sharing): Co-habitation is deeply entangled with questions of comfort. Consider practices for cohabitation in a mode of sharing, even when this sharing is uncomfortable, and causes discomfort.

Take 5 minutes to consider with which non/humans you cohabitate, and what kind of practices of comfort & discomfort you have in sharing with them. Take a moment to consider, what comfort and dis-comfort might they have in sharing with you? When done please and carry onto the next step.

.5. Take your cell phone, and check the time of your last phone call. If under 15 minutes, begin this video at the same moment that your phone call left off. For example, if you ended your call at 5min 34seconds, begin this video at 5 min 35 seconds into the play. Zooids (the betweens of (robot) and (animal) bodies). When done please and carry onto the next step.

.6. Find a track that you enjoy dancing to, and put it on. I invite you to practice Warming up for the Unknown, Manual: For Tracing Yourself by MELT in collaboration with David Scarantino. To practice with these instructions, scroll to the part of the Meltry, Warming up for the Unknown called Manual: For Tracing Yourself and perform the xercise using your track. Find it, here. When done, please navigate back to this page for the conclusion.

.7. End. Thank you for engaging, playing, and navigating with me. Looking forward to receiving your questions & engaging further on Tuesday 13 October. 🔮 For now, to slow down & check in - please feel free to check Soundings a collaboration with Romi Ron Morrison.