Code, Layers, Infrastructures

  • with Isabel Paehr, Jörn Röder and Kamran Behrouz 
  • (2020)

Current centralized, entangled corporeal and governmental internet infrastructures tend towards exploitation and surveillance. By experimenting with embodying and coding networks that are decentral, anonymous, temporary, specific and/or collective, this workshop contributes to the digital commons. Together, participants will use the metaphor of the layer to question existing networked structures and collectively imagine and develop alternative tools of navigation. Convened by artists, coders and game designers, this workshop will look at individual layers of computational abstraction and small-scale networks within our everyday use of connective devices (such as smartphones, laptops, smart speakers, wearables). Starting from the everyday layers of computational networks, participants of this workshop will go on computational walks in the neighborhood and map the interconnections and relations between small-scale and global-scale infrastructures and networks.