Meltionary: Heating Matters/Change Flux

  • with MELT
  • (2020)

Meltionary is an artistic research project that unlocks metaphors of melting in times of climate crisis and explores unstable states of matter. Colliding theories and practices from chemistry, trans*feminism and computation, this dictionary-like assemblage is invested in moments of material transformation.

Loren Britton and Isabel Paehr take things not seriously, but literally when they turn up the heat and film, perform and learn about how things melt. In ‘Heating Matters / Change Flux’ they will warm up and melt down corrosive colonial relations (whiteness), climate change realities (melting ice caps) and computational practices (overclocking and burning hoverboards). Join them in the premiere of their new video work to investigate the textures, dimensions and representations of stability and what melting as a practice has to offer.

As MELT, Loren Britton and Isabel Paehr are artistic researchers who work with games, tech and radical pedagogy. Investigating the political & material conditions of tech infrastructures, they redistribute agency in socio-technological systems with the methods of queer play, unlearning and leaking. Their work crumbles structures, unbounds materials, dissolves technology and makes collectivities.

MELT is Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr