Training for Political Imaginaries: Posthuman Solidarities (Sculpt in Play Dough - friendship and material connection)

  • with Loren Britton, Alice Chauchat, Sonja Jokiniemi, Verena Meis, Eva Neklyaeva, Eroca Nichols, Mithu Sanyal, Neha Chriss, Siegmar Zacharias, Louise Trueheart, Jacob Wren and Miki Yui.
  • (2019)

Is solidarity a case for the mind or the heart? Or can it be trained physically, like endurance or strength? Berlin philosopher and performance artist Siegmar Zacharias explores our physical, organic, nervous potentials at the crossroads of ethics and poetics. During this 30-hour happening researching what solidarity could be today I shared Sculpt in Play Dough.

Creating and inviting situations for engaging with play dough and map making through playing, melting, defining and dissolving. Sculpt in Play Dough is an invitation to sculpt moods, explore what shapes for colors there may be, introduce ourselves in the form of miniature sculpture, and tie the material we engage with each other and to where it may have travelled from, or will travel to. Reading post-human thinking coming from (bell hooks, Susan Stryker, Donna Haraway and Rosie Braidotti) and while playing with play-dough was this workshop experience.