• with Romi Ron Morrison, Helen V. Pritchard and Eric Snodgrass
  • (2021)

oracle(s) is an ongoing collaborative artistic research that creates ways for practicing collective ethical engagements in computing by drawing from the complex and rich traditions of Black feminist thinking and critical disability studies. Conceptualised in some works as an emancipatory technology to free ourselves from the computational practices of measurement, categorisation, extraction and optimisation. Instead oracle(s) institutes non-linear, collective unknowing practices centered in Black Feminist thinking. oracle(s) is inspired by the ongoing oracle praxis with Alexis Pauline Gumbs, engaging an anti-enlightenment understanding of learning: by which we mean that the idea of shedding light on things is not a primary way of knowing that we work with. We understand that resonance, non-linearity and association are powerful practices within oracle(s) that creates a “skeleton architecture” (Lorde) collectively training us for a world that is anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, full of tunings and cusps and towards anti-oppressive otherwises. oracle(s) practices in the formats of workshops, poems and is developing oracle technologies.