Wayfinding We

  • curated by Alejandro Perdomo Daniels
  • Bremen, DE
  • Loren Britton, Cassils, Shu Lea Cheang, Zackary Drucker, Alicia Frankovich, Philipp Gufler, Maryna Makarenko, Tejal Shah, Ming Wong
  • (2020)

Wayfinding “WE” is a spatial participatory installation consisting of four parts. Way-finding Tables, Self-Determined Pillows, the workbook Otherwise Exercise, and A4 Sheets of paper, hung on the walls. The installaiton invites participants to stay for a while and do exercises as suggested from the books, play with the pillows and relax into the installation. The work emphasises the need for plurality both in the contstructing of the self as well as in the potentials for diverting from the norm. Relying on the exchange between people, the work points towards forms of collectivity and differently emerging ‘we’s based on plurality and unknowing.