On Rehearsing Access

  • Futuress
  • (2024)

For Careful Slugs: Caring for Unknowing in CS (Computer Science)

  • with Helen V. Pritchard
  • Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience
  • (2022)

What About Conflict?

  • Extra Intra
  • (2023)

Nothing Without Us

  • with Iz Paehr
  • CCCB Lab
  • (2024)

Turnabouts and Deadnames: Shapeshifting Trans* and Disabled Vernaculars

  • edited by Cristina Cochior, Julie Boschat-Thorez and Manetta Berends
  • VLTK
  • (2021)

How Can You Spell Care with Only 1s and 0s?

  • with Romi Ron Morrison
  • Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience
  • (2021)

Speculative Materialities, Indigenous Worldings and Decolonial Futures in Computing & Design

  • with Goda
 Klumbytė, Outi Laiti, Luiza Prado de O. Martins, Femke Snelting and Caroline Ward
  • Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research
  • (2022)

Stochastic enumeration: we don’t want methods but we do want to practice

  • with oracle(s): Romi Ron Morrison, Helen V. Pritchard & Eric Snodgrass
  • nocturnes
  • (2021)

Abstracting Otherwise: in search for a Common Strategy for Arts and Computing

  • with Goda Klumbytė
  • ASAP Journal, John Hopkins University Press
  • (2020)