How Can You Spell Care with Only 1s and 0s?

  • with Romi Ron Morrison
  • Catalyst Journal
  • (2021)

What follows is a conversation between artists and scholars Romi Ron Morrison and Loren Britton who have become friends since they met right before the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time of distance in space and time they have found themselves in multiple conversations over questions of who gets to have a life in the computational presents we are enmeshed within. Their shared interests lie in moments of everyday noticing, attention, and community processes that form the capacity for greater resistance against algorithmic normalizations that continually foreclose life chances for those most vulnerable. Recently they have collaborated on the web plugin Soundings that is an invitation to willfully interrupt web browsing, and slow down. Both Morrison and Britton are members in the collaborative oracle(s) with Helen Pritchard and Eric Snodgrass, whichis a practice of developing poetic technologies that might free ourselves from the computational practices of measurement, categorization, extraction and optimization.